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Cognitive test battery for minipigs.

Written for Sidse Arnfred (Copenhagen, Denmark).

The battery includes:


Reinforcement familiarization
Touchscreen training
Visual discriminations (simple and compound) with reversal and intradimensional and extradimensional set-shifting
Delayed matching and non-matching to sample
Spatial working memory
Three-choice serial reaction time test
Delayed matching to location
Progressive ratio schedule


Software requirements


Requires Whisker v2.0 or greater.


Data storage


Text-based output to disk.
ODBC data storage to a database (supplied).




Rudolf Cardinal (rudolf@pobox.com).




Thanks to Mike Aitken and Shibley Rahman for helpful discussions on the ID/ED and PAL tasks!




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Revision history


5-Sep-2002. Started.
28-Sep-2002. First version completed, with documentation and object definition system.