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These pages provide a few short guides to getting going with R, a free statistical package.

  1. Installation.
  2. Obtaining a graphical user interface (GUI).
  3. At this point, I suggest you read the short guide by Owen (2007), The R Guide, in its entirety. This covers basic data entry, maths, and some statistics.
  4. Basics of R objects; entering and manipulating data.
  5. Input and output: scripts, saving and loading data (including database access).
  6. Basic statistics.
  7. Analysis of variance (ANOVA).
  8. Basic graphs (1).
  9. Basic graphs (2, with ggplot2).
  10. Graphs 3: more examples.
  11. Handy extensions to R.

Note some general points:

Typographical conventions used here:

# This is code (stuff you type into R). Hashes (#) indicate comments.
This is output (stuff that R shows you).
/* This is SPSS syntax (stuff you type into SPSS), for comparison to R. */

Other excellent introductions to R on the web include:

For other specific things:

Reference sources (less readable!), include:

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