About SimpleSchedules

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Simple (concurrent) schedules of reinforcement.


Software requirements


Requires Whisker v2.0 or greater.


Data storage


Text-based output to disk.
ODBC data storage to a database (supplied).




Rudolf Cardinal (rudolf@pobox.com).




Copyright © Cambridge University Technical Services Ltd


Revision history


Version 2.1 (14 October 2002): added progressive-ratio schedules.
Version 2.2 (4 November 2002): added XML parameter storage, FR1 with delayed reinforcement, a timeout option for all schedules, and nosepoke recording.
Version 2.3: fixed minor bug (loss of unsaved info in parameters dialogue when selecting database)
Version 2.4 (6 December 2002): addition of changeover delays for concurrent schedules
Version 2.5 (4 June 2003): PR bug fixed
Version 2.6 (14 July 2003): status message display scrolls properly
Version 2.7 (22 Nov 2003): writes version info to summary file
Version 2.8 (11 Mar 2004): PROGRATIO_DOUBLEINCREMENT schedule. Traylight support added (therefore requires a traylight). PR schedules can end based on time since last response (or time since last reward, as before).
Version 2.9 (21 Mar 2005). Bug fix: random-number generators for concurrent random schedules not totally independent (probably). Option for timeout on one schedule to affect the other in a two-schedule situation.
Version 3.0 (8 March 2007). Easier compilation for users.
Version 3.1 (June 2007). Option not to reinforce the first response in an interval schedule.
Version 4.0 (12 Jan 2009). Server default changed from "loopback" to "localhost" (Windows Vista compatibility and more general standardization).
Version 4.1 (24 Mar 2009). Support for antique levers.
Version 4.2 (5 Sep 2013). Option to remove 10-second hard-limit safety timer for non-IV pump use.
Version 4.3 (23 Mar 2014). Reinforcement-associated CS lights.
Version 4.4 (3 Sep 2014). Hammond contingency schedule.
Version 4.5 (14 Apr 2015). RPI schedule. Rebuild to use WhiskerClientLib 4.62 with new socket code.