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Citing Whisker

As is customary, publications that use the Whisker control system should cite it appropriately. The reference publication for Whisker is the following:

Cardinal RN, Aitken MRF (2010). Whisker: a client–server high-performance multimedia research control system. Behavior Research Methods 42: 1059–1071.

Software distributor and prices

Campden Instruments

Lafayette Instruments

Campden Instruments Ltd currently hold a licence from Cambridge University Technical Services Ltd to distribute Whisker, and Whisker clients such as MonkeyCantab, worldwide. They also sell suitable hardware on which to run Whisker, should you not wish to set up the system yourself. Their American parent company is the Lafayette Instrument Company Inc. Their Japanese partner is Shoshin.

(Prior to 2004, Cambridge Cognition Ltd were the distributor.)

The following editions of Whisker are available:

Specific clients are also available. The whole catalogue of tasks by the Whisker authors shown on this web site should be available for sale; part numbers have been issued for the following tasks:

All editions of Whisker use the same client-server design. Client tasks that do not use the multimedia features of Whisker will run with either the Basic or the Multimedia edition.

A single Whisker licence entitles the holder to use the Whisker server program on one computer, controlling as many devices (digital I/O lines, touchscreens, etc.) as that computer is capable of. No restrictions are placed on the number of clients that may be run, or the number of computers that may talk to the Whisker server over a network. Prices do not include hardware.

Contact Campden for prices.

Hardware suppliers

A full 'shopping list' is provided in the Whisker user guide should you wish to buy your own hardware.

Computer selection is up to you. Any PC capable of running Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP will run Whisker. We recommend a moderately fast PC (>200 MHz Pentium) for pleasant performance. If you plan to install a large number of extension cards (e.g. PCI interfaces), you may need an 'industrial' PC with more PCI slots than the norm, but bear in mind that it may be cheaper simply to buy more standard PCs, and this gives you more computers for other purposes.

Microsoft Windows

Digital input/output (I/O) interfaces are supplied by

Amplicon Advantech ICS Advent Kontron Intel National Instruments

If you only plan to use digital I/O devices, that's all you need. However, if you plan to run a full multimedia setup, you may need some of the following devices:

Video card selection is at your discretion. Any video card supported by Windows NT/2000 should function. If you plan to use multiple displays, check that multimonitor functions are supported by the card, that the card is happy co-existing with all other video cards you plan to use in the same computer.


Monitor selection is left to you.

Touchscreens must be supported by the UPDD (Universal Pointing Device Driver) system from Touchbase (please note: www.touch-base.com, not www.touchbase.com). Most touchscreens presently available have UPDD support. Aside from this, no limitations are imposed. Selection will also depend on your species requirements (e.g. infrared or capacitative touch detection).


Serial cards are usually necessary to drive the touchscreens; you will need one serial port per touchscreen. The card(s) must be supported by Windows NT/2000 and must co-exist happily with any other serial cards you wish to use.

Sealevel Brainboxes

Sound cards must be supported by Windows NT/2000 and must co-exist with other sound cards.