About YMaze Task

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A simple task for the Med Associates Y-Maze


Supplied with:

VB source project to illustrate VB programming techniques.
Installer for the task, and required controls
Task manual (this file).


Software requirements


Requires WhiskerServer v 2.4 or greater, configured to control the following devices.

Also requires (these will be installed if not present on the machine):

Whisker SDK version 2.1 or greater.
Microsoft CommonDialog Control (as supplied with VisualBasic 6.0).
Microsoft ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) v2.5 or above (as supplied with Windows 2000 or later).


Data storage


Text summary output to disk.
Detailed storage into .csv format, compatible with spreadsheet packages.
Database output to ODBC database (example MS Access database supplied).




Task design by Rutsuko Ito & Mike Aitken.

Code by Mike Aitken (m.aitken@psychol.cam.ac.uk).




Copyright © Cambridge University Technical Services Ltd