Device names are not the same as aliases

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Only the claiming commands (LineClaim, AudioClaim, DisplayClaim, ClaimGroup) know about server-defined device names. All other commands only know about aliases that you have defined.


Why? To prevent changes in the device definition file affecting clients adversely. (Take an example: a client claims output lines by number, claims line 5, which is a pellet dispenser, and gives it the alias REINFORCER. Let's say line 5 is listed in the definition file with the device name PELLET. If someone plugs in an IV infusion pump on line 10 and gives it the name REINFORCER, not knowing that the client uses that alias internally, the client might start to operate the IV infusion pump as well as the pellet dispenser.)


LineClaim, AudioClaim, and DisplayClaim do not create aliases automatically, so you should use the –alias parameter to these commands to ensure that you have an alias.




       ClaimGroup box2

               ensures that box 2 is proof against outside interference by claiming all devices in group 'box2'

       LineClaim box2 leftlever –input –alias leftlever

       LineClaim box2 rightlever –input –alias rightlever

       LineClaim box2 pellet –output –alias pellet

               specifically ensures that box 2 has two levers and a pellet dispenser by re-claiming them.        


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