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ClaimGroup <groupname> [–prefix <prefix>] [–suffix <suffix>]








You may receive the following failure messages:


       SyntaxError: insufficient parameters to ClaimGroup

       Error: no devices found/successfully claimed in group <groupname>


or a series of messages of the format


       Info: claimed device <groupname>/<devicename> = line|display|audio <devicenumber> (alias <prefix><devicename><suffix>)

       Info: claimed device <groupname>/<devicename> = line|display|audio <devicenumber> (ALIAS NOT SET)

       Error: could not claim device <groupname>/<devicename> = line|display|audio <devicenumber>


For example, the command


       ClaimGroup box1 –prefix mybox_ –suffix _fish


might generate the response


       Info: ClaimAccepted: Line 5 For Input As 5 (ALIAS NOT SET)= box1/RIGHTLEVER                        Check this, has MRFA altered it?

       Info: claimed device = line 1 (ALIAS NOT SET)

       Info: claimed device box1/LEFTLIGHT = line 7 (alias mybox_LEFTLIGHT_fish)

       Info: claimed device box1/RIGHTLIGHT = line 8 (alias mybox_RIGHTLIGHT_fish)

       Error: could not claim device box1/leftsound = audio 0

       Info: claimed device box1/rightsound = audio 1 (alias mybox_rightsound_fish)


if audio device 0 was already claimed by another client.


Additional messages may also be generated as the aliases are created.


Response (immediate socket)


Success        (implies every device was claimed successfully)

Failure                (either there were none to claim, or at least one failed to be claimed)




Attempts to claim every device in the group groupname. This will include lines, display devices, and audio devices. Each device will be assigned an alias that consists of the device name, with a user-specified prefix and/or suffix. If you don't like this alias, you are of course free to add others of your liking! If the unprefixed alias would interfere with your program's function, simply add a prefix like 'junk_'.  When lines are claimed, the default reset state (see LineClaim) is 'Leave'.        


Note that it is perfectly valid to claim an entire device group with ClaimGroup, ensuring that no other clients can influence that device group, and then to go through a specific subset of devices issuing individual LineClaim, AudioClaim, and DisplayClaim commands to verify that every device you expect to be present, is.


Revision history


Implemented by WhiskerServer version 2.3.


See also


Device names and aliases