About AttMem

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Attention and working memory task.


Software requirements


Requires Whisker v2.0 or greater.


Data storage


Text-based output to disk.
ODBC data storage to a database (supplied).




Rudolf Cardinal (rudolf@pobox.com).




Copyright © Cambridge University Technical Services Ltd


Version history


See version tracker (online).
Version 4.0 (Dec 2009): XML configuration files; ability to punish premature responding in Phase 1; multiple options for stimulus duration and pre-stimulus pause, and draw-without-replacement multiplier for delays; database table rename (for lookup table) and field changes to deal with these parameters; more thorough recording of all (e.g. panel-push) responses, even not very interesting ones; textfile filename/session changes automatically on config reload; better help.
Version 4.1 (24 Apr 2010): (a) bugfix: timer left dangling (problem if subject responded *during* phase 1 stimulus, I think; symptom was Phase 2 stimulus being curtailed); (b) ensure limited holds exceed stimulus durations; (c) distinguish (in phases) stimulus 1/2 "on" versus "done".
Version 4.3 (14 Sep 2010): (a) database query addition to look at target/distractor holes more clearly; (b) option to enable/disable individual holes.