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Lists all connected clients, together with their name (supplied by the client), current status (supplied by the client), time since the client last communicated with the server, and whether any network errors have occurred while trying to communicate with this client.


Note that clients are assigned numbers by the server (starting with 1, and ticking up for as long as the server is running). These numbers usually bear no relationship to the box number being used, or to anything else – they are merely a way of keeping clients separate. Good clients will provide a name to the server, giving more useful information: "Second-order IVSA, box 4", for example. This replaces the "Unnamed-1", "Unnamed-2", etc, which the server assigns to clients before they have provided a proper name.


Client #. The client number (see above).
Name. The client's name, as reported by the client itself.
Status. The client's status, as reported by the client.
Time since last communication. The time elapsed since the client last sent a message to the server.
Network status messages. If a network failure is detected, an error message will appear here.